About Us

              Qi Chuang is a Guangzhou-based non-profit social service organization. Founded in February 2008 by Professor Agnes Law of the Sun Yat-sen University and a group of dedicated social workers, Qi Chuang is one of the first professional non-governmental organizations dedicated to the promotion and advancement of social work in China.

               Qi Chuang has been playing a pivotal role in coordinating community resources to enhance the well-being of individuals and families in need through a variety of community-based services. Qi Chuang is also an active player in elevating the standards of social service and research.

                Qi Chuang (Hong Kong) Social Services Network was established on October 2011 and is member of Qi Chuang Service Team. We aim at promote professional development of social work in the Mainland for the benefit of the poor and to foster the establishment of an efficient and effective system of social service management, and to encourage the incubation and co-operation of social services and programs. Qi Chuang (Hong Kong) obtained tax exemption under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance, Cap. 112.


Growth of Qi Chuang

•Feb. 2008, under the supervision of Haizhu district Communist Youth League and Haizhu District Civil Affairs Bureau, Haizhu Qi Chuang was registered.

•  Mar. 2009, under the supervision of Guangzhou Civil Affairs Bureau,Guangzhou Qi Chuang was registered.

•  Aug. 2010, with the support of Shunde Communist Youth League,   Qi Chuang of Shunde District was registered.

•  Jul. 2011, with the support of Zhongshan Civil Affairs Department, Zhongzhan Qi Chuang was registered.
•  Oct. 2011,Qi Chuang (Hong Kong) Social Services Network was established, and granted the status of charitable organization in Feb, 2012.
•  May 2008,Sent service team to Sichuan Earthquake sites.
• In Feb. 2011, with the support of Wenchuen Civil Affairs Department, Wenchuen Qi Chuang was registered.